Tim Ballard: Multi-media Storyteller
Animation - Illustration - Video

Tim Ballard is an illustrator, animator and filmmaker who specializes in food history, ethnobotany, and documentary film.

He studied documentary film at the New School in New York City and has worked for a variety of companies including Lake House Films, Dakoit Pictures, Goldcrest Post, CNN, Prana.com, CBS, Show of Force, and Zero Point Zero. Originally from the West Coast, Tim was previously an ecological restorationist in the deserts of California, a counselor for youths and adults with developmental disabilities in San Francisco and an English teacher/part-time forager in Chungbuk, South Korea.

Tim currently lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend Mandy and his adopted Korean dog Chingu

Contact Tim: ballardtim2@gmail.com

Tim Ballard Creations. timballardcreations.com  Brooklyn, NY