Icy Pete is a 24 pg nautical horror comic that I wrote and illustrated. It combines parts 1 and 2 into one book and contains the complete story.

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Summary: When Grandpa gets to sipping whiskey, he starts telling stories. The story this foggy Spring night is “Icy Pete” - a chilling ghost-story set in the frosty northern coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador, sometime in the 19th Century.

The old sea-yarn follows three friends as they set off on a whaling ship bound for the arctic sea. When a mysterious tragedy befalls the ship, each man responds to the situation in their own way, shaping the strange events that are to follow.

A tale of betrayal, vengeance, madness and the supernatural - Icy Pete is a story with inspirations drawn from sea shanty lyrics, true stories of survival at sea, Inuit folklore, the illustrative style of 19th century scrimshaw, printmaking and EC horror comics. As will be shown, it's not so easy to leave things forgotten in the past...